Having the right exercise equipment at home is the difference between a home gym that gets used and a home gym that stays in the basement untouched. The best thing about having exercise equipment at home is that you’re not limited to opening and closing hours, aren’t locked into a contract and you can create rules and tailor your workout on your own terms.

So, whether you’re a beginner, an advanced, wanting to build strength or tone your body; whatever your fitness goals and exercise needs are, we have a growing range of exercise equipment and accessories that will help give you the power to boost your body and increase your fitness levels.

Our foam rollers can assist in stretching and flexibility (whilst doubling as a water battle to help you remember to stay hydrated!); exercise balls and stretching straps can help with balance and resistance and our kettlebells can add some weight to your cardio and strength training sessions.

There’s no perfect workout for every person, but exercising is known for increasing lifespan, helps sustain physical body health, helps your mental health and is better for general cardiovascular health.

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