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Back Supports

Mesh Back Support

It’s a proven fact that Australians are working longer hours than ever before. For many of us this means sitting in an
office chair for hours at a time. You are not alone in suffering from a tired and achy lower back!
What you need is a good quality back support for office chairs, & maybe
even a car seat back support.

Our Chiropractors see many patients who have conditions that have arisen or have been
exacerbated due to sitting with improper posture for long periods of time.
When looking for the right back support it is important to find a product that is comfortable to sit on for
extended periods time while still providing the support you need using a back
support cushion
or mesh back support.

Rest assured we have found the best back supports to keep you sitting comfortably at work or in the car.
Please view our range of supports as chosen by our qualified Chiropractors.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights