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Spinal Wedge

Spinal Wedge


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How does the Spinal Wedge improve posture and flexibility?

The Spinal Wedge is a simple tool that is easy to use and is able to reduce stiffness in the thoracic spine (middle of the spine) and improve posture.

Poor posture is generally related to poor alignment of the mid spine. Having poor posture is more common these days with desk jobs, the internet and the devices we use. These repetitive daily actions may be bending the back forwards  in an unnatural way which can cause poor posture. As we age out thoracic spine is also less accommodating and flexible. This justifies the importance of flexibility and good posture.

How is it designed?

This wedge can be used to improve the effects of daily poor posture and pain associated with it. Pain from poor posture may come from the neck, back and shoulders which can also be the cause of headaches. The wedge is designed in a unique triangle shape with a hollow slope down the center. This will relieve pressure on the bones of the spine and allow for the muscles to relax and spine to stretch. It is firm but soft enough to relieve the muscles around the spine and not hurt your bones. The product is made with a semi-frim EVA material.

How do you use the Spinal Wedge

The base of the wedge lies flat on the ground so the point of the triangle sits up. To use the product, lie on your back so your spine comes into contact with the wedge. You should aim for the point of the spinal wedge to be between your shoulder blades. Your back will arch while you lay on the wedge.

Small changes of the wedges placement will create different stretches and release different points of the back. The ridges will release the muscles they are putting pressure on and increase the mobility of the mid and upper back. Be sure to start with smaller movements and once you are used to the wedge you may be able to make your movements more dynamic.

This wedge can be used in conjunction with core exercises and is great for people of all physical capabilities.

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