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Natural Lupin Heat and Cool Pack – Neck & Shoulder Wrap

lupin heat pack neck shoulder pad


Soothe your neck and shoulders and relive stress.

Discover relief from muscle stress with our specially designed Natural Lupin Heat and Cool Pack – Neck & Shoulder Wrap. It’s tailored for the neck and shoulders, providing targeted warmth to ease aching muscles and alleviate pain and tension build-up.

Specially crafted to wrap around the neck and shoulders, this lupin heat pack offers a soothing solution for neck and shoulder aches, muscular stress, and mastitis. Designed to provide warm therapeutic comfort to your muscles, it proves especially beneficial for those on the go or spending long hours in office chairs in front of computers. Remarkably comfortable, this neck and shoulder wrap sits so snugly that you may not even notice you’re wearing it. Additionally, the natural lupin material is 30% lighter than the wheat typically found in conventional heat bags.

Soothe neck and shoulder aches and tension:

With a specific focus on targeting neck and shoulder pain, our heat wrap harnesses the circulatory advantages of natural heat therapy. Perfect for alleviating debilitating neck and shoulder pain arising from muscle injuries or general soreness due to incorrect sleeping positions or prolonged computer use at the office, it comes in a convenient one-size-fits-all design. Dissipate and diffuse neck and shoulder pain effortlessly with the natural heat therapy provided by our Natural Lupin Heat Wrap—a simple yet effective wrap-shaped heat pack.

It is easy to heat in the microwave, doubles as a cold pack when frozen, and comes with an odor and allergen-free 100% natural cotton corduroy cover. Handmade in Australia from 100% natural Australian lupins, it is chemical and fungicide-free, surpassing traditional wheat bags in heat retention.

All-natural heat therapy offers various therapeutic benefits, including muscle relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility, improved circulation, and stress reduction.

A Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack to Improve Your Comfort with Multiple Benefits:

  • Easily heat in the microwave.
  • Boosts blood flow.
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain.
  • Freeze for use as a cold pack.
  • Odor and allergen-free.
  • Features a 100% natural cotton corduroy cover.
  • Handmade in Australia from 100% natural Australian lupins.
  • Chemical and fungicide-free.
  • Superior heat retention compared to traditional wheat bags/heat packs.
  • One simple size fits all.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of natural heat therapy:

All-natural heat therapy brings numerous benefits to the body. It relaxes muscles, easing tension and improving blood flow for healing damaged tissues. This approach provides effective pain relief for both intermittent and chronic pain, especially for conditions like arthritis, muscle tension, and chronic back pain.

Heat therapy also boosts flexibility by stretching soft tissues, including muscles, connective tissue, and adhesions. By stimulating blood flow, it delivers more oxygen and nutrients, supporting the overall healing process.

The comforting warmth reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and enhances general well-being.

For those with joint pain, heat therapy soothes discomfort from arthritis or other conditions, easing stiffness and improving movement. It speeds up post-exercise recovery by reducing muscle soreness, increasing circulation, and aiding in the removal of lactic acid buildup.

Lastly, women seeking relief from menstrual back pain find effective comfort in the lower back warp as heat therapy relaxes contracting muscles in the uterus.

So why are lupins better?

Experience Natural Healing: Lupins, a “low allergy” alternative to wheat, are moisture-resistant and provide lightweight comfort. Our comprehensive range of 100% natural lupin heat packs is handmade in Australia, ensuring quality from lupin grain harvesting to corduroy cover stitching.

100% Australian Natural Lupins – The Finest Choice for Heat Packs: Our natural Lupin heat packs support the natural healing process with their gentle penetrating heat or cold. Whether microwaved or chilled in the freezer, these packs assist in soothing aches, pains, stress, and hot flushes.

Choose comfort, and durability, and support local industries with our Australian-made Heat Pack Slips, crafted from pure Australian-grown cotton. These slips add luxury to your heat therapy routine while maintaining hygiene and freshness.

Colors include:

  • Royal Blue – 100% Cotton Corduroy
  • Charcoal – 100%  Cotton Weave

Other Shapes of Our Natural Lupin heat and cool pack include:

  • Square heating pad (20cm x 20 cm)
  • Rectangle Heat Pack (33cm x 13cm)
  • Body Medium Heat Pack (40cm x 19cm)
  • Body Large Heat Pack (55cm x 23cm)
  • Lower back wrap (Belt length 1.5m)
  • Neck and shoulder wrap (45cm x 30cm- neck cut out is 15cm x 15cm)
  • Hand Mitts Pack (21cm x 30cm)

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Additional information

Weight 1.580 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 5 cm

Charcoal, Royal Blue


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