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Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy is a time of rapid change to the female body and it is no secret that this exciting time can often be riddled with aches and pains as well as restless nights,
which is why our chiropractors, with a great deal of experience in treating many expectant women throughout all stages,
have recommended certain pregnancy products.

During pregnancy women gain on average 10-15 kg which no doubt places increased stress on the spine. The natural curvature of the spine and the angle of the pelvis also change which influences the distribution of weight and shifts the woman’s centre of gravity forwards, again adding stress to the spine. Our chiropractors are constantly treating pregnant women with lower back pain and whilst these changes are inevitable during this time, with regular chiropractic treatment this pain can be reduced. There is no need to put up with back pain anymore!

How can these these pregnancy products help?

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy feelings of tiredness are common, which is why it is vital that expectant mothers are receiving the adequate amount of rest. However, it is often the case that women find themselves having greater difficulty sleeping. Often our patients report to us difficulty getting comfortable and feelings of restlessness, which is why we have sourced a range of pregnancy pillows and supports. We are confident that these products will provide expectant mothers with that extra comfort for a better nights sleep.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights