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66fit Booty Band Loop

66fit Booty Band Loop


Are you looking for more resistance to add to your exercise routine? - Try our 66fit Booty Band Loop

The 66fit Booty Band Loop is a premium quality product that wraps around the thighs to create more resistance in your exercises.

The loop bands are made with a high-quality elastic that comes in three levels of resistance:

  • Medium – Red
  • Firm – Grey
  • Extra Firm – Black

Using the Booty Band will increase the resistance between the thighs which activates the stabilisation muscles improving overall strength and conditioning.

They can add additional resistance to movements like squats, lunges, slides, and kicks. The band helps to active the glute muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus) and the muscles surrounding the glute.

It is also the perfect band to use for injury prevention. Increasing stability in the muscles and improving their range of movement will reduce your risk of getting major injuries.

Using the different levels of resistance can be an indicator of improving strength over time. Different resistance levels is also good for people at different levels of fitness.

66fit Booty Band Loop Features:

  • 15-inch loop
  • 3 different resistance levels (medium, firm and extra firm)
  • Includes a detailed exercise guide to follow
  • Contains LATEX 

Benefits of the Booty Band:

  • They are cost-effective as you get a lot of use out of a simple product
  • They are versatile so they can be used in many exercise settings
  • They are simple to use by sliding them on through the legs
  • They are durable and last a long time
  • They are lightweight and easy to move around so they can be packed in your gym bag and taken anywhere
  • They add another level of resistance to your workouts
  • They are great for individuals at different levels of fitness
  • The different levels of resistance is a good way to track your strength levels

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Additional information

Weight 0.172 kg
Dimensions 20.2 × 3 × 9 cm
Booty Band

Medium Resistance, Firm Resistance, Extra Firm Resistance


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