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Theraband Foot Roller

Foot Massager


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    How does the Theraband Foot Roller help with foot pain?

    The Theraband Foot Roller is the perfect product to help with tired feet or sore heels. This tool is an affordable and easy way to quickly release tension in the foot and relieve pain.

    Pain the the foot and heel may emerge from excessive training and/or overuse. Therefore, using the roller after training or when your feet are sore is a great way to prevent further damage or pain.

    It delivers a therapeutic massage that stretches the planta fascia and toes to help increase flexibility.

    Theraband Foot Roller features:

    • You can keep it in the fridge or freezer and used while cold which produces a chilling sensation. This reduces any inflammation in the area and is very good for rehabilitation.
    • Small and lightweight so can be taken with you on the go for quick pain relief.
    • 1cm hollow center of the roller which allows the latex material to curve to the shape of your foot, even when cold or frozen. This allows the roller to accommodate any individual foot.
    • Includes examples of simple exercises written by professionals to assist with massage and relief of pain.
    • Can be rolled on the bottom of the foot or used to stretch the toes.

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    Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 cm


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