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Fortress Soft Weight Balls

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Why is the Fortress Soft Weight Ball Beneficial?

Introducing the Fortress Soft Weight Balls. Strengthen, sculpt and tone your body with the help of a soft alternative to dumbbells. Providing more versatility for strength training, Pilates and rehabilitation exercisers, these soft balls are made from a durable, soft outer shell with filler. Fitting perfectly into the palm of the hand, which makes them a great tool for improving functional grip strength and are an alternative for those who may have trouble gripping standard dumbbells.

They will also add a safety component to your workouts, as these balls do not bounce or roll away when dropped. The Soft Weight Balls follows the Fortress brand rainbow colour coded system of progressive exercise and weight. The best part is, the size of the ball does not increase as the weight size increases.

Soft Weight Ball Features

  • They help to increase your strength and range of motion whilst helping to reduce fat and tone your muscles.
  • Suitable for rehabilitative exercises
  • Great for throwing
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Balls are filled with sand, can be made harder or softer by adjusting the air inside
  • Perfect for arm training, rotational exercises, core training etc
  • Very durable and suitable for class work

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights