Pressure Care

Are you have trouble sitting down? Some people who have had to sit down for extended periods of time develop pressure sores. Pressure sores make it even more painful to continue sitting. Pressure sores come as a result of damage to the skin or underlying tissue due to friction. Pressure injuries are difficult to treat and make general day to day activities a lot more uncomfortable and in some cases unbearable. The older you are the more at risk you are of developing a pressure sore because the as we age our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. The good news is that there are a number of products which can very much assist with increasing your comfort whilst seated. These products aim to redirect the pressure to other areas and allow the pressure sores to heal. Pressure sores can develop into secondary infections if not properly cared for which is why it is of utmost importance to promote healing in every way possible. Our range of pressure products will do their bit to make life significantly easier for you.
The Pressure Care range also contains products which promote better posture and in doing so take the pressure of your lower back. Ensuring that you are sitting with proper posture will make it a much more pain free experience in the long term.

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