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Theraband Loop Bands

Best Loop Bands


TheraBand Loop Bands also know as booty bands

TheraBand Loop Bands also known as booty bands which have become very popular in recent years. Loop bands are individually poly-bagged with each loop including safety instructions.

Loop bands are a great piece of equipment to include in your exercise movements particularly lower body exercises to increase strength, balance, and activation of muscles. Whilst not utilizing weights or heavy machines, the loop bands are a great method for developing strength when used effectively the bands supply constant tension keeping the muscle fired up throughout your entire workout. Rather than weights, these lightweight loop bands can easily be taken and used anywhere and stored easily.

Uses of Therband Loop Bands

  • Ankle Jumping Jack
  • Lateral Band Walk
  • Standing Glute Kick
  • Banded Walk
  • Squat to Lateral Leg Lift
  • Clamshell
  • Hip Bridge Pulse
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Hip Bridges With Alternating Leg Extension
  • Donkey Kick
Colour progression available:
 Yellow / Thin
 Red / Medium
 Green / Heavy
 Blue / Extra Heavy
Lay flat lengths available:
  • 20cm (8″)
  • 30.5cm (12″)
  • 45.7cm (18″)

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 0.3 cm

Yellow – Light, Red – Medium, Green – Heavy, Blue – Extra Heavy


20cm, 30.5cm, 45.7cm


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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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