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Balance Exercise Ball With Tubing

Balance Ball

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    Balance Exercise Ball With Tubing

    This balance exercise ball is the same as an exercise ball but, cut in half. It is a revolutionary and innovative balance training device that has redefined balance training uniquely focusing on core stability.

    Our balance ball will suit those who are looking for an addition to their home balance & core strengthening workout routine. The product is designed to have both a stable and unstable side. This helps to provide an optimal balance routine and includes two tubing handles to help strengthen your body, such as your arms, back & core.

    The exercise is done by combining the challenge of stabilising on an exercise ball, but provides the safety of a balance board. The unit is also excellent for rehabilitation, athletic and sports conditioning & balance training.

    Not only that, but the ball is great for those who need to take something like an exercise ball on the go, as it’s portable and lightweight design can be carried between the gym and home or wherever you go.

    Features of the Balance Exercise Ball

    • Excellent addition to your home workout routine.
    • Able to use as a full-body workout and incorporate it into your existing routine.
    • Strengthens your leg & lower back muscles.
    • Great to strengthen your core muscle strength through simple exercises.
    • It can range from beginner to advanced exercise.
    • Great for focusing on strengthening your stomach muscles.
    • Easily fits away into a cupboard.
    • Diameter 65cm
    • Weight Capacity of 160kg.
    • Easy to clean.

    To view more of our exercise range click here.

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    Additional information

    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm


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