Deluxe Wobble Board for Balance

Deluxe Wobble Board


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Deluxe Wobble Board for Balance

The Deluxe Wobble Board is a highly durable item and is used to improve balance, functional strength and mental focus. It has a flat surface supported by a conical point, which when balanced on flat surfaces challenges your muscles, body and mind to adapt to the moving unstable support below. The Deluxe Wobble Board is extremely strong and hard wearing, with the capacity to hold over 500kg. Unlike standard wobble boards, the Deluxe Wobble Board provides circular grooves on the surface for grip and stability. It also has an added advantage of having a slight convex gradient for extra support as well as rounded edges allowing it to be safely used with your hands for floor work.

This is ideal for those looking to strengthen diverse muscle groups including the core, back, glutes and leg muscles. This is because by working to stabilise your body and maintain your equilibrium you will need to build strength in these muscles. This is why this item is good for rehabilitation, strengthening, Pilates and stability work.

Deluxe Wobble Board Features:

  • Available in a red colour
  • 40 cm diameter.
  • Helps improve balance, functional strength and mental focus.
  • Unstable surface forces your body to support itself.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 7 cm


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