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Neck Rest

Neck Massage


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    How does the Neck Rest reduce neck pain and help with headaches?

    The  Neck Rest by BakPhysio is a uniquely made product that relieves neck pain. It is an alternative treatment for managing neck problems and reducing the likelihood of associated pain.

    What might be the cause of your neck pain?

    • Poor posture while seated or standing
    • Sleeping in an unnatural position.
    • Tension in the neck and shoulders
    • Injury such as a muscle strains
    • Prolonged use of electronics while seated at a desk

    Features of the Neck Rest:

    • Compact and light and can take anywhere
    • Specifically designed ridges that align with the spine
    • Available in the colour blue
    • Does not contain latex

    This Product is safe to use and can assist in managing headaches caused by muscular problems in the neck. The length between the ridges in the support line up with the average individuals neck joints. Lying directly on the rest will relieve pressure in the neck joints and muscles surrounding the joints therefore reducing pain and stiffness.

    The rest can be placed on the upper section of the neck and the bottom of the skull or on the lower section of the neck. By either relaxing completely or gently moving your head from side to side, you will be able to get the full effects of the Neck Support and relieve all the muscles around the joints.

    The Neck Rest has been designed by expert physiotherapists for managing neck pain and headaches. Upholds to Australian standards and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

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