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Back Support by Koala Komfort

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    Adjustable Lumbar Back Support Chair Cushion

    The Koala Komfort Back Support cushion is an adjustable lower back and lumbar support made effectively to alleviate lower back pain and improve your posture. This lumbar support is uniquely designed as an adjustable cushion helping soothe and support your back giving you relief.

    The high-quality design of the Koala Komfort cushion is ideal for different physiques. The uniqueness of the variable curve design allows you to place it in a variety of positions to specifically cater to your needs.

    A key feature to mention is that the Koala Komfort can be used on all chairs in all locations including the home, office or car, giving you support to your mid and lower back.

    The Koala Komfort is designed for individuals with spinal pain, illness or disability with features to alleviate lower back pain and improve your posture giving stress relief for the muscles and spinal discs.

    We strongly believe at Back to Basics that having the correct support is essential in preventing damage and pain to your posture while sitting at your desk for hours. In addition, by having a premium support, it helps prevent slouching and encourages correct posture while you work.

    Koala Komfort is proudly Australian-made and owned, utilising Australian manufacturing, and adhering to the usual health and safety standards we expect from Australian made products.

    • Dimensions: 40cm W x 28cm H
    • Materials: Foam – Breathable Foam
    • Covers – Unique Cool Air breathable fabric with removable cover
    • Straps – Adjustable elastic straps

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    Weight 0.756 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 15 × 28 cm


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