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Adjustable Foot Rest

Ergonomic Foot Rest


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    How does the Adjustable Foot Rest improve poor circulation?

    The Adjustable Foot Rest is a fantastic product that can assist with poor circulation in the feet and lower legs. It is a simple solution to increase blood flow and relieve pressure in the lower half of your body. By pushing, rolling and moving your feet against the foot support, you release tension through gentle massages which will leave your legs feeling revitalised.

    Benefits of the Adjustable Foot Rest:

    • Reduces lengthy recovery periods from foot, leg, ankle, toe and achilles surgery
    • Promotes lower leg circulation for health and wellbeing
    • Removable insert to adjust the height of the foot rest if needed
    • Excellent for people that are older or people with limited movement and cannot exercise
    • Encourages circulation and benefits those at risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
    • Perfect for travelling as it is lightweight, on the couch, under the desk or even under the dinner table.

    Adjustable Height

    This foot circulator has an extra insert in the middle of the support that can alter the height from 11.5cm to 14cm. There is also a higher and lower side of the rest which can be changed to comfortability.

    You are able to use the support on bare feet or with socks. It will naturally stimulate the feet with minimal effort and promote blood flow to the lower legs.

    Australian Made and Owned

    This product is proudly made by an Australian company that incorporates high class manufacturing health and safety standards that Australia has.


    Inner foam – Do not put in water, machine wash or leave in sun. Only dab clean with warm water and mild detergent.

    Dura-fab Cover – Wipe or hand wash and hang dry.

    Outer Cover Woven polyester – Suede Feel
    Inner High Density 100% open cell traditional foam
    Bottom of product Non Slip 100% Rubber backing
    Height 14cm or 11.5cm height at highest point.
    Width 36cm
    Depth 28cm
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made

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    Additional information

    Weight .570 kg
    Dimensions 36 × 14 × 28 cm


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