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Double Heel Support – SALE – PICKUP ONLY

Heel Wedge

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    How does the Heel Support relieve heel pain and pressure?


    The Heel Support is specifically designed to reduce the pressure in your heels when sitting or lying down. In addition, it can relieve pain and aches from tired feet and heels and promote circulation throughout the body.

    Sizes of the Heel Support

    The wedge comes in two different sizes, in other words, the support will suit the needs of any individual:

    • Double Heel Support – For Larger Framed people – 85cm x 45cm x 10cm

    Benefits of the Heel Support

    • Reduce pressure in the heels and as a result may reduce pain
    • Maintains alignment of the hips and knees
    • Reduces pressure in sensitive areas and as a result protects the body from bedsores
    • Body weight is evenly distributed
    • Similarly it can be used under thighs to keep your pelvic tilt and hips in alignment
    • Two different sizes to suit individuals sizes and preferences
    • Easily cleaned by wiping down
    • Steri-plus outer cover which is a hospital grade moisture and bacteria resistant cover
    • Ideal for long-term care patients or people recovering from illness or a medical treatment

    Therapeutic conditions the wedge helps with

    • Heel pain
    • Foot pain
    • Knee pain
    • Pressure sores
    • Poor circulation
    • Vascular drainage
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Bunions
    • Heel spurs

    Can be used as a Body Support 

    Firstly, the product can be used as a support for the body where ever you may need it. Secondly, it can help reduce pressure and improve blood circulation in areas of the body that may need extra support. Lastly, it is also very lightweight and can be easily transferred from the bed to the couch or travelling anywhere to give you that support where ever you are.

    Proudly made and designed in Australia by our leading health professionals therefore reinsures its reliability.

    Inner High Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam
    Steri-Plus Outer Cover Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made

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    All the pillows we sell are new and unopened, so please choose carefully as under Australian Health Regulations we are unable to return pillows.

    This Product is for Australian Customers only.

    Additional information

    Weight 2 kg
    Heel Support

    Double Heel Support, Single Heel Support


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