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Morfit Lumbar Support

Morfit Lumbar Support for chairs & car seats


    Morfit Lumbar Support – Why You Need It

    The Morfit Lumbar Support electric cushion for chair and car back support is fully adjustable at the press of a button. The lumbar cushion is medically endorsed, ergonomic and comfortable.

    Approximately 84% of adults suffer from lower back pain. Such back pain can be exacerbated when driving, occurring from being in a fixed position for a sustained period of time. This can lead to poor posture, muscle fatigue, and headaches. If left untreated, these symptoms can develop into chronic back and neck pain.

    Morfit aims to mitigate such lumbar discomfort through its use of Interlock Foam, an adaptable fluid foam that molds into the space between the driver’s back and their seat. Once shaped, a vacuum precisely interlocks foam particles to create a supportive ergonomic vehicle seat, promoting spinal alignment and lumbar pain alleviation. Morfit also remembers the contours of your back until you choose to re-set it to provide optimal lumbar support. As a result, Morfit becomes the perfect support to precisely support your spine and actively correct your driving posture.

    Morfit Electric is also highly adjustable, with a single automatic set-up button and elastic straps to secure the support to your seat. As a result, Morfit is suitable for cars, vans, trucks, helicopters, cranes, wheelchairs, light aircraft, and more. Additionally, the product has a lightweight, washable mesh cover to ensure your lumbar support is clean and pristine throughout your travel journey.

    Benefits of the Morfit Back Lumbar Support:

    • Reduces lumbar and back discomfort, and pain in buttocks or thighs, sciatica, or disc degeneration pain
    • Durable, breathable and washable mesh cover
    • Lightweight, transferrable and easily transported
    • Straps are elastic and adjustable
    • One year warranty on parts and workmanship

    Specifications electric:

    • Width 590 mm
    • Height 300 mm
    • Net weight 460g
    • Vacuum E-pump with 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery

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    Additional information

    Weight 1.044 kg
    Dimensions 59 × 29 × 5 cm


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