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Full Size Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support


How does the Full Size Lumbar Support help your spine and lumbar area?

The Full Size Lumbar Support assists in supporting the lower spine region to the tailbone. The brace is 12 inches long and as a result it has been designed to cover a large portion of your back. The lumbar support increases stability in the spine and aids in maintaining your posture while moving.

The product is light and durable which makes it easy to adapt to any spine so is suitable for general everyday use or for post-injury recovery.

The elastic straps can be adjusted for certain fits which further provides full coverage of the stomach and lumbar region.

Use for either general everyday use or for people with muscle strains, ligament sprains and/or herniated intervertebral disc.

Features of the Full Size Lumbar Support:

  • Long lasting and lightweight
  • Elastic straps on outer layer for increased support
  • Made with a unique mesh material
  • Very breathable and heat resistant
  • Tight fit to body with a low-front and high-back waistband
  • Tailored to pelvic bone for a comfortable fit
  • Short abdominal pads ensure comfortability for sitting and standing for long periods of time


The Full Size Support is available in a few different sizes- customised to waist size:

  • Small (70-80cm)
  • Medium (80-90cm)
  • Large (90-100cm)
  • X-Large (100-110cm)
  • XX-Large (110-120cm)


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm

Small (70-80cm), Medium (80-90cm), Large (90-100cm), X-Large (100-110cm), XX-Large (110-120cm)


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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights