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Lumbar Roll Back Support

Our Lumbar Roll Back Support is a portable lumbar roll that comes in 5 shapes to suit people all sizes. This lumbar support product comes in either traditional foam or memory foam and is an effective way to support your back to avoid you slouching in your chair, making it the perfect back support for office chairs. It comes with elastic loops to be fixed to a chair if required.

This lower back lumbar roll is specifically designed for people who get back pain while sitting in a chair for long periods of a time or for people who require extra support to maintain a better posture. It suits people who have back pain, illness, a disability or spinal pain.

This lumbar roll is perfectly suited for someone who is not sitting in the same office chair all the time and needs a back support that is portable. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere.

The lumbar roll back support comes in 5 shapes to support all shapes and sizes. The different shapes and densities allow you to select the right one to suite your needs and provide you the maximum comfort and support for the natural alignment of your spine. This postural lumbar roll comes with a removable cover which is easy to clean.

Choose the right lumbar roll one for you:

  1. D Shape: Regular size, form-fits car seat, office chairs and couches. 14cm x 9cm x 31cm long
  2. Demi-D: Compact Size, slim fit. 14cm x 6cm x 31cm long
  3. Round: Circular. Compresses to form ellipse. 11cm diameter x 30cm long
  4. Oval: Unique ripples surface diffuses pressure points. 17cm x 7cm x 35cm long
  5. Egg: Accommodates medium to extreme lower back curvature. 13cm x 15cm x 34cm long

D Shape available in 2 foam versions

  • Traditional memory foam – medium to firm support.
  • Memory foam – soft support.

The D shape is also available in Dura-Fab or Steri-Plus version.

  • The Dura-Fab version is a soft attractive woven & washable polyester.
  • The Steri-Plus version is a moisture and bacteria resistant polyurethane (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric. This version is ideal for people who work in warmer environment or who my sweat while in there chair.

Lumbar Roll Features:

  • Ideal for people with a disability, back pain, illness or spine pain.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great for the office, home or car
  • Elastic straps secure the lumbar roll in position
  • Available in 5 shapes and 2 densities

Additional information

Cover Options


Foam Options


Lumbar Roll Shapes

D-Shape, Demi-D, Round, Oval, Egg


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