4″ Round Lumbar Roll- Ortholife Econo

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4" Round Lumbar Roll

The round lumbar roll is the is the ideal lumbar support cushion for your back. It is 4 inch  It is perfect for positioning and maintaining posture. It has a high quality adjustable strap with a removable and washable cover. The ergonomic and modern design not only is appealing but can be used in the office, in the car or at home. Made of a high density foam it is not too soft and supports the spine while you sit.

These lumbar rolls provide support to the lumbar spine and act as an additional contour for your present chair. Moreover, these Premium rolls are lightweight and portable. It provides extra support and ensures correct back posture while sitting making it the perfect back support for office chairs. It has a high-quality adjustable strap that can be fixed to a chair if needed. The lumbar support can also be used in the car and at home.

The Lumbar Rolls are an important product for anyone, ensuring the health and support of the back, neck and spine. This product is very popular with physiotherapist and chiropractors.


Width 31cm and Height 10cm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 10 × 10 cm


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