Naturelle Latex Multi-Use Leg Roll Pillow

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Naturelle Latex Multi-Use Leg Roll Pillow

The Naturelle Latex Multi-Use Leg Roll Pillow is a comfort tailored, all-rounded postural aid. This product is ideal for those who are looking for an alleviation of muscle tension and an ease of body fatigue. The Leg Roll Pillow is designed in a way which smoothly contours to the body, pulling pressure off the joints and ensuring an overall correct postural alignment. The Multi-Use Leg Roll is a dynamic product and can be used in multiple ways such as:

  • Behind the neck to support and maintain proper cervical curvature.
  • Behind the back to support and maintain correct lumbar spine alignment. This assists the maintenance and prevention of lower back pain.
  • Under the knees to provide leg support, to reduce leg and lower back pain.
  • Between the knees as a leg spacer which helps alleviate tension build-up in the hip joints.
  • Under the ankles to take pressure off the heels. This also assists to reduce swelling in the lower limbs and improve blood circulation.
  • When used lying on the side can correct posture and prevent forward positioning and control rolling.

Why Should I Choose the Naturelle Latex Multi-Use Leg Roll Pillow

  • We highly recommend this product as an easy to use, portable comfort support
  • We consistently receive positive feedback from the personal experiences of our clients with the Leg Roll Pillow.
  • Is a comfortable and gentle product, perfect for those who are pregnant or elderly
  • Perfect for those who require help with swelling in their lower limbs

This latex multi-use lumbar support roll is made from 100% pure natural latex

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