Nursing Pillow – the “Easy Feed”

Nursing Pillow



Nursing Pillow – the “Easy Feed”

The Easy Feed Nursing Pillow is for both breast and bottle fed babies. It is an angulated pillow that raps around the mother’s waist.

How does this nursing pillow help?

The Easy Feed Nursing pillow assists in relieving tension in the mother’s neck, shoulder’s, arms and back and allows her to relax while nursing the baby, a key factor in the production and supply of milk.

It also assists in allowing the baby to breathe and swallow while feeding. The Easy Feed Nursing pillow is a must for any new mum!

Additional information

Pillow Slip Fabric

Broderie, No Slip, Tailored, Towelling

Pillow Slip Colour

Cream, Pink, White, Sky Blue


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