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Easy Feed Nursing Pillow

easy feed nursing pillow


Rest comfortably while feeding your baby with the Easy Feed Nursing Pillow

,The Easy Feed Nursing Pillow is for both breast and bottle-fed babies. It is an angulated pillow that wraps around the mother’s waist, proudly made in Australia.

How does this nursing pillow help?

Crafted by a mom for moms, it stands out as the best nursing pillow available. Offering the best in baby feeding pillows, it promotes relaxation for both mom and baby, supporting the baby’s weight and the mother’s lower back. It effectively reduces strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, aiding in tension relief, a key factor in the production and supply of milk.

Additionally, the pillow helps create a safe space for the baby to breathe and swallow while feeding. The Easy Feed Nursing pillow is a must for any new mum!

The pillow is versatile, suitable for breast and bottle feeding, and designed with a secure wrap-around cashew shape for a custom, comfortable fit. Compact, portable, and adjustable. It meets the comfort needs with a removable polyfill filling. The soft outer cover is waterproof, bacteria-resistant, and easy to clean. Stretching to fit every waist size, this pillow is a thoughtful creation by an Aussie mom to assist with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, holding the baby, and relieving sore arms, wrists, and hands.

You can pick from 3 pillowcase colours: White, Pink and Sky Blue.

Size 40cm wide x 60cm long 20cm high
Fill Polyester Polyfill
Waterproof Outer Cover Bacteria-Resistant white nylon
Country of Manufacture Australia
Care instructions

Foam Inner: Air pillow regularly. Light dab clean only, mild detergent, warm water.

Do not: machine wash, tumble dry or immerse in water.

Cover: Normal wash and dry. (To avoid damage to the foam from constant removal of cover, leave cover permanently on the pillow).

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Easy Feed Pillow with Tailored White Slip, Easy Feed Pillow with Tailored Pink Slip, Easy Feed Pillow with Tailored Sky Blue Slip, Easy Feed Pillow with White Broderie Slip, Easy Feed Pillow with NO SLIP


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