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Best Pillow – How To Choose What’s Right

Are you missing out on a good night’s sleep? Feeling restless? Tired of paying for hit and miss pillows? Are you looking for the best pillow?

What if we told you how easy it could be if only you had the perfect pillow? But in a world filled with endless opportunities sometimes making a decision can be a headache, which is why at Back to Basics we can make the decision easier for you.

Best pillowWe pride ourselves in delivering top quality products, chosen specifically by chiropractors who go to bed knowing they gave you the best. So with a list of handy hints and tips on choosing the best pillow from our store, you too can have a good night’s rest.

What would be the best pillow if I’m small framed or looking for a pillow for my child?

We suggest the Naturelle Latex Pillow range, which are pillows designed with a gentle contour to give you the support you need with a soft feel. These pillows have a low profile and are designed to take pressure off your head and neck. They are made from natural products, are chemical free and are suited for both back and side sleepers. This range offers 3 different densities with the Low Profile designed for children around 5 -8 years old, and/or for smaller framed adults who weigh 55kgs and below.

What if I’m a medium framed adult or of average weight looking for a supportive pillow?

The Complete Sleeprrr Memory Foam Original could be an option for you. It is a soft memory foam pillow ideal for back sleepers, for those who are of a small to medium frame, and whose weight roughly fits into the 60 to 85 kg category. Made from Visco-elastic memory foam it’s formulated to respond to your body heat whilst moulding to the shape of your head for total neck and spine support.

If memory foam isn’t for you, then we suggest the Complete Sleeprrr Deluxe Traditional. An economical pillow, it offers great support whilst also having a softer feel than the original memory foam. Whilst well suited for those who prefer a lower profile, it is a versatile pillow well suited for all shapes and sleepers and a great alternative for those who would prefer a Memory Foam free option.

We also suggest the Naturelle Latex Pillow in Medium Profile as this pillow is designed for medium or average framed adults who roughly weigh between 60-85kgs and/or who back sleepers looking for a soft but supportive pillow.

What if I tend to overheat at night?

Then the Complete Sleeprrr Gel Memory Foam Pillow could cater to your need. While this pillow has a similar density to that of the Memory Foam Original, it is also designed to disperse body heat resulting in a cool night’s rest. This pillow is best for those who overheat at night, who are of a small or medium build in the same weight range as the Original and/or who are side sleepers.

What if I’m large framed and/or above average weight looking for the best pillow?

We recommend the Complete Sleeprrr Memory Foam Plus. This is a high density pillow designed for larger adults who roughly weigh 90kgs plus or for those who simply need a firmer support for cervical spine and neck support. This pillow is also the best pillow for side sleepers who prefer a dense pillow for total support.

For Sleepers who suffer from overheating at night and who are large framed and/or above average weight, we suggest the Cooling Gel Pillow with Memory Foam, which disperses body heat whilst maintaining its shape when pressure is applied.

We also suggest the Naturelle Latex Pillow range in High Profile, designed for medium to larger adults or those who are side sleepers. Made from natural products this pillow is great for those looking for a memory foam free option with a gentle contour and soft feel.

How to choose the best pillow summary

While our pillows are chosen by chiropractors who offer the best options to take care of your wellbeing, these tips and tricks are only an overall guide to help find the right pillow for you. If you would like further information on each individual pillow, please follow the link to our Therapeutic Pillow range, or email us at [email protected] to allow us to help find what could be the best option for you.

All the pillows we sell are new and unopened, so please choose carefully as under Australian Health Regulations we are unable to return pillows.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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