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iTENS – The New Wireless TENS Machine For Pain Relief

iTENS Large Wing for Wearable Pain Relief
iTENS Large Wing for Wearable Pain Relief

Thanks to iTENS the new wireless TENS Machine, letting pain and wires hold you back will be a thing of the past. Recently introduced into the Australian market iTENS unlike its TENS Machine counterparts is a completely wireless pain relief device. It is controlled via Bluetooth from an app on any IOS or Android based smartphone.

Still following a similar structure to a standard TENS Machine, the iTENS is a great drug-free alternative pain relief. Using electrotherapy to stimulate nerve receptors to manage common and specialised pain problems. This includes chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain, muscle spasms, tenderness and arthritis. First it sends low voltage electrical pulses through the wireless electrodes attached to the chosen pain sites. These small electrical signals then elicit a sensory stimulation to the body’s nervous system. This overrides the pain signals from reaching the brain, thus this allows the body to release its natural pain fighting chemicals we call endorphin’s.

Our team of trained chiropractors, here at Back to Basics have trailed and tested this device. We find this device especially reliant as a drug-free alternative for our patients.

What makes the iTENS so unique:

It is the ability for the user to personally control and tailor the program to their needs through the iTENS app. The free app provides several different modes and varieties of treatment options. It can be adjusted for differing pain location, pain intensity, level of comfort and condition. Simply accessible with the touch of a fingertip for constant convenience and re-calibration by the user. Users can also systematically track and chart the pain reduction through the app.

The shape of the device plays an integral role in the success of the iTENS. The dynamic design of the wing-like shape is made from a laser printed silver conductive surface. This device  merges health and innovation to create a flexible and versatile product. Tailored to fit the contours of most joints where muscle tension can build. The iTENS is thin, flexible, lightweight and can be discreetly worn under your clothing so you can progress through your day to day life.

Available in two options, the iTENS offers the Small Wings Device to give you the versatility needed for pain relief in smaller and acute pain areas. This includes; the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Where as the Large Wings Device are designed to provide a broader coverage for large pain locations. Such as the back, shoulders and legs. Both use a lithium-ion battery to provide exceptional battery life. This can last up to 24 hours of use per charge and comes with a USB charging port for easy on the go access.

Any TENS Machine (including iTENS) are intended to be used under the guidance of your healthcare provider and should always be used with caution. 

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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