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Allergies and your pillow!

Allergies are fast becoming a major health problem in developed countries. The prevalence of allergic disorders in Australia is among the highest in the world with nearly 20% of the population being affected by at least one allergic disorder. If you happen to suffer from allergies you will know just how debilitating they can be.cooling-gel-pillow

People often overlook their pillow as an allergy aggravating source. Have you ever woken up with a runny nose, puffy eyes and feeling congested? Yet you don’t have a cold or flu. Chances are the culprit was your pillow. We often underestimate the importance of our pillows , yet they are such a crucial factor in achieving a good nights sleep. Given the fact we spend approximately a third of our life on them it is important we pay attention to how they may be affecting our health.

Pillows are a fabulous breeding ground for allergens (including dust mites), bacteria and fungi. Did you know that your pillow will double in weight after 2 years of use, and the worst bit is that extra weight comes from the faecal matter of dust mites! Even if your pillow looks and feels clean it may be playing host to millions of micro organisms ready and waiting to disrupt your sleep.

Regardless of whether you suffer from allergies or not, keeping a clean and hygienic sleeping environment is paramount for both the quality of your sleep and your health. So what is the solution? We have compiled a check list of things to consider to keep your bedroom allergen free.

  1. Allergen free pillows- the material of your pillow is one of the most important factors. Source pillows made from high quality foams or latex which have hypo allergenic properties.
  2. Use a pillow protector as well as pillow case- this will ensure that the least amount of moisture reaches your pillow.
  3. Periodically place your pillow in the sunshine- this exposure to sunlight will actually kill the dust mites!
  4. Replace your pillow every 2 years- this is the recommended life of every pillow. After this time the pillow will become less supportive as it will sag and begin to lose its shape, even in the highest quality pillows.

It’s time to kick those microscopic critters to the curb and get yourself a happier, healthier nights sleep!

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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