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Travel comfortably with our Travel Pillows!

travel pillows

Do you often wake up with sore neck pain after sleeping away and travelling? Ensure a comfortable journey with our Travel Pillows! They provide excellent cervical support through a contoured design and come in various options, perfect for your year-end getaway.

Our Complete Sleeper Travel Pillows crafted from temperature-sensitive memory foam, adapt to your head and neck shape. The contoured design, coupled with removable inserts, allows for adjustability and optimal comfort. These compact half-size pillows are easy to pack for weekend trips and overseas holidays. Choose from Original, Gel, Plus, and Deluxe options with varying firmness levels.

Explore our SleepAway Travel Pillow range if you prefer memory foam and traditional foam options.

Luxurious Memory Foam and Deluxe Traditional Foam pillows cater to the entire family, perfect for travel by train, bus, plane, your friend’s house or even a hotel stay.

Not a fan of foam pillows? No problem!

Discover our Naturelle Latex Travel Pillows, offering a soft and bouncy feel. Eco-friendly and contoured, they provide comfort for side and back sleepers while travelling, camping, or commuting. The latex infill is hypoallergenic, resisting bacteria and allergens, with low, medium, and high-height options for various sleepers.

For ideal neck support during travel, explore our Neck Support Travel Pillows. Available in memory foam and traditional polyester infill, these pillows promote upright, strain-free posture. Lightweight and portable, they feature an adjustable drawstring toggle strap for maximum comfort on extended trips.

Our Baby Traveller neck pillow is perfect for toddlers, stabilizing their neck and head in a secure position for restful sleep. If ‘U’ shaped supports aren’t your preference, consider our Travel Peanut pillows, ideal for neck, legs, arms, and back support.

Prefer full-size pillows?

Check out our Travel Pillow Bags, which allow you to roll and compress a standard pillow into a portable size.

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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