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Travel Pillow for neck support

Travel Pillow for Neck Support! Escaping the daily routine is always a refreshing experience we feel we deserve. Excitement may grow as you carefully pack your bags for a much-needed getaway, but stress may start to linger as a list of things runs through your mind making you question “How can I make this trip as comfortable as possible?”, but you may not (until now) have considered a Travel Pillow for neck support.

Peanut Pillow-Travel Pillow

Travelling often means being in an upright seated position for long periods of time. Whether on a plane, train, car or bus whatever your mode of transport is, we know how important it is to be as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy the full experience of your trip feeling happy and refreshed. So at our chiropractors’ suggestion, by finding the right travel pillows you too can travel in comfort and enjoy your holiday without all the aches and pains.

What are the benefits of a travel pillow?

A Travel Pillow is the perfect travel companion to give you the support you always need. When you travel in a seated position for a long period of time, the muscles running down your neck and in your back will strain and be the main cause of your discomfort. Choosing the right shaped travel pillow such as the peanut and crescent moon (or what we know as the classic ‘U’) will help enhance your travel experience as these pillows are specifically designed to cradle the neck all the way around enabling optimum support for your head and neck.

Ideally, a travel pillow also needs to be small enough to be portable and whilst it may not be exactly like sleeping on a fuller-sized pillow in the cosiness of your bed, nevertheless a travel pillow is still important to have as it acts as a barrier to lumpy and hard headrests found on most modes of transports and protects your neck from the discomfort of strains and knots, which may build from being in a stiff position over a long period of time. Most travel pillows sold at Back to Basics come in a memory foam option, which has the ability to mimic your normal pillow as they are designed to fit the shape of your neck and adapt itself to any movement you make. Another benefit of memory foam is its ability to retain its shape. It can be easily compressed into your backpack or luggage when not needed, and then can easily bounce back to its original shape when taken out.

Check out our range of specifically chosen and recommended travel pillows by our chiropractors, who always aim to offer the best therapeutic products for all our clients.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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