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Why you need the Best Family Pillow!

Best family Pillow for you, your family and children.

Introducing our Best Family Pillow, a remarkably versatile pillow suitable for every member of your family!

This contour pillow features a top layer of high-quality egg foam and provides a more cost-effective alternative to the Complete Sleeprrr Range.

With four set sizes available (Junior, Low, Medium, and High), it delivers the utmost comfort and support, ensuring restful and therapeutic sleep for you and your loved ones.

This adaptable pillow boasts a simple two-part construction that not only cushions and comforts the neck but also provides even support. The core of the Family Pillow consists of premium foam with a heavy density, offering excellent cushioning and absorption of movement. The top layer is designed with ‘egg foam,’ which effectively diffuses pressure on the head and neck, enhancing overall comfort.

Featuring a natural contoured design, the Family Pillow cradles the neck perfectly, ensuring proper alignment of both the head and spine throughout the night. Maintaining neutral spine alignment is vital, allowing your muscles to relax and promoting the most restorative sleep. By preventing prolonged periods of improper alignment, this pillow helps to minimise waking up with aches, pains, and stiffness.

Compared to Memory foam pillows and other contour pillows, our Family Pillow stands out for its lighter weight and lower profile.

Some notable advantages of the Family Pillow include:

  1. Adjustable contour heights: Higher and lower side contours allow you to customise the pillow’s height according to your preference.
  2. Improved breathing patterns: Proper spinal alignment promotes unobstructed airflow, enhancing breathing during sleep.
  3. Non-allergenic: The pillow has been specially treated to inhibit allergen presence. This makes it suitable for individuals with allergies.
  4. Fits regular pillow slips: The Family Pillow conveniently fits into standard pillow slips, ensuring compatibility with your existing bedding.

The Family Pillow is available in four sizes:
  1. Junior: Specifically designed for children aged 4-8 years and adults seeking a softer and lower pillow. It is beneficial for individuals who predominantly sleep on their backs.
  2. Low: Specifically designed for children aged 9 years and older, as well as adults who prefer a slightly softer and lower contour pillow.
  3. Medium: Ideal for those desiring optimal support, still lower and softer than our memory foam range.
  4. High: Designed for individuals with larger frames and broader shoulders.
Specifications for each size are as follows:
  • Junior profile: 38 cm wide x 55 cm long x 9 cm and 8 cm high.
  • Low profile: 38 cm wide x 55 cm long x 11 cm and 10 cm high.
  • Medium profile: 38 cm wide x 55 cm long x 13 cm and 12 cm high.
  • High profile (extra layer): 38 cm wide x 55 cm long x 14.5 cm and 13 cm high.

The Family Pillow offers exceptional value for you and your entire family, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience. Don’t miss out on its affordability and remarkable benefits. Choose the Family Pillow to provide your family with the best sleep possible.

Proudly Australian Made!

The egg foam used in the pillow is composed of 100% open-cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam. The outer cover is made of soft polyester with an open weave design.

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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