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A buyer’s guide: Traditional VS Memory Foam

memory foam

At Back to Basics we provide some of the best quality pillows for our customers however, it can often be confusing which pillow to choose from memory foam or traditional foam.

To what is the difference

Traditional foam is more supportive and firmer. It has a spongey feeling so when you rest your head on the pillow you don’t sink in. The traditional foam is designed for cradling the neck to enhance circulation and decrease stress on your joints. The cons of traditional foam are it can cause discomfort due to heat retention. Traditional foam is a lot cheaper alternative to memory foam but is warned that traditional foam does not have the same benefits compared to memory foam.

Memory Foam is a lot of softer foam compared to traditional. Memory foam is more viscous than traditional. Therefore, memory foam has a completely different feel. Memory foam reacts to heat which means it softens and moulds to the body providing optimal support according to the body’s pressure points. Many of our customers describe this as a ‘sinking feeling’. In comparison, the traditional foam returns to its normal shape.

Why does memory foam change to yellow?

We often have many customers purchasing the wrong pillow. It is a very common mistake for people to purchase the traditional foam thinking it was the same pillow they purchased before based on the colour. However, many a disappointed as they realise the traditional foam IS NOT the same as memory foam.

So why does memory foam change colour? When you purchase a brand-new memory, foam pillow the original colour is white. Over time the natural ageing of the pillow will turn yellow. The colouration is caused by the oxidation of the material and is not toxic or harmful in any way.

How to slow the yellowing process?
There is no way of preventing your pillow from changing colour however you can slow the process of colouration. This can be done by having a pillow protector. One that seals the pillow completely providing less exposure to oxidation and sun exposure.

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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