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5 Benefits of the Ear Hole Pillow and why you need one!

Ear hole pillow- Relieves ear pressure while you sleep rectangle


The Ear Hole Pillow is known as the best pillow for treating Chondrodermatitis (CNH), but you will be surprised that it can cater to anyone’s needs and has provided a better quality of sleep to many of our customers.  It may be difficult to get a decent night’s sleep, you might be tossing and turning looking for the ‘cold side’ or finding a position where your ears are comfortable and your neck is supported. Often times are ears feel blocked while sleeping resulting in waking up to a sore neck or stiff shoulders. Whatever your night-time complaint is the Ear Hole Pillow may be the solution to your restless nights.

Here are 5 benefits

1. You’re Recovering from Ear Surgery

Standard pillows don’t offer the necessary support for side sleepers who have just had ear surgery. Often people who have had ear surgery can only sleep on their backs to prevent any friction to their ears. This can be very uncomfortable and cause restless nights as you are restricted in moving your body. The Ear Hole Pillow has a 12cm hole giving the ear sufficient space. The inner fill is soft polyester fibre around the ear to ensure softness if there is friction.

2. You’re a Committed Side-Sleeper

As a side sleeper, I often find myself struggling to make my ears comfortable. As is constantly feels crushed by my pillow. The Ear Hole pillow reduces pressure, irritation, and injury on the ears for side sleepers. At the same time, it gives you optimal support for your head and neck.

3. You Need a Pillow for Your Ear Piercings

It can take up to 8 weeks for your ear piercings to fully heal which is a very long time to not sleep on your side. Any pressure on a new piercing can be painful and may cause swelling. The Ear Pillow is the perfect pillow to prevent your ear from contact while you sleep. This pillow is also highly recommended for those who have ear infections from ear piercing as well.

4. It’s the Best Pillow for Using Headphones or earplugs

Do you enjoy listening to music before you sleep? I do but oftentimes my pillow gets in the way of my headphones. The Ear Hole Pillow is for headphones and you can listen to music without having to move your pillow or head constantly. If you have a partner that snores really loud you could wear earplugs while you sleep.  The pillow will prevent them from falling out or causing discomfort.

5. It Can Reduce Ear Pain During Pregnancy

A common sleeping position during pregnancy is the mother’s side, especially in the third trimester. However, sleeping on the side can cause ear pain and friction. The Ear Hole Pillow is perfect to relieve ear pressure and friction. It also gives the right about of support on the head and neck making sleeping while pregnant a lot easier.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Ear Hole Pillow, follow the link to our website’s listing.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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