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Waterproof Mattress Protector – Naturelle Eucalyptus


Waterproof Mattress Protector - Naturelle Eucalyptus

The Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector is an anti-allergy and stain proof waterproof mattress protector. This mattress protector comes with a Tencel® sleeping surface which is a 100% natural based fibre sleeping surface & has been specifically designed to be waterproof & dust mite proof. This Tencel® sleeping surface is the most recommended mattress protector on the market for dust mite protection and its waterproof properties.

The Tencel® natural fibre is a unique organic structure sourced from Eucalypt pulp wood. This allows it to be soft, absorbent and very strong when either wet or dry and is also resistant to wrinkling. Tencel® can either be machine or hand washed.  It is also cool in the warmer months, breathable and resistant to water.

The Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre also comes with Miracle Membrane® stain proof protection. The Miracle Membrane® is a revolutionary polyurethane barrier that is waterproof & breathable. This Miracle Membrane® prevents spills, sweat and liquids from penetrating & staining your mattress.

Keep your bed free from dust mites and allergens.

The Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector is what you’ve been looking for to keep your bed free from bed bugs and dust mites allowing you to have a restful night.

This mattress protector is safe to use with electric blankets

Naturelle Waterproof Mattress Protector Size Chart:

  • Single Size Mattress protector: Designed for beds 92 x 188cm
  • King Single size Mattress protector: Designed for beds 107 x 204cm
  • Double Size Matress Protector:Designed for beds 138 x 188cm
  • Queen Size Mattress Protector:Designed for beds 152 x 204cm
  • King Size Matress Protector:Designed for beds 183 x 204cm

Naturelle Matress Protector Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use a Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector? 

The use of a Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector has many benefits. Over time the human body sheds skin and sweat which is absorbed by your mattress. This can lead to increases in the breeding of bacteria, dust mites and mould. As a result you may suffer from allergies associated with these micro-organisms. The result can be an uncomrtable sleep and potential breathing difficulty, rashes and skin irritations.

2. Does the Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector have an odour?

There is no odour associated with the Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector.

3. Do I use a conventional fitted sheet on top of my Naturelle Eucalpytus Fibre Mattress Protector? 

The choice is yours. The Tencel mattress protector will work to minimize anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic issues either with a fitted sheet or without. The only time you might notice a difference is that the mattress will sleep slightly cooler without a fitted sheet as your skin is in direct contact with the miracle membrane surface.

4. Is Tencel® an environmentally friendly fabric? 

Tencel® is a pure and natural cellulose fibre that is created from the pulp of eucalyptus wood. It is created through a completely circular cycle whereby no product is wasted and no extra energy is wasted. In addition the mattress protector will help to extend the life of your mattress.

5. What are some of the conditions where the Naturelle Eucalyptus Fibre Mattress Protector may help me to sleep? 

The Naturelle Eucalyptus Mattress Protector will basically help with anyone who has any type of skin or breathing issues. It is cool and dry, soft under touch, will help reduce sleeping temperature and will curtail bacterial growth.

6. Will my bed protector protect me from dust mites?

Yes the Miracle Membrane will protect your bed and mattress as the permeable holes are much smaller than required for movement of dust mite eggs or faeces.

7. Will my mattress protector protect my mattress from stains?

Yes, the miracle membrane will protect all liquids from reaching your mattress.

8. Should I wash my mattress protector before putting it on my bed?

It is a good idea to wash the bed protector first as it is treated with starch to make cutting of material easier.

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