Ear hole pillow- Relieves ear pressure while you sleep

ear hole pillow CNH


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Ear hole pillow- Relieves ear pressure while you sleep

Finally, a pillow designed for ear relief!!

The Theramed Holy Pillow is designed to give ear relief while you sleep.

The Ear-hole Pillow is perfect for people suffering from CNH, ear infections, chronic ear pains, ear injuries or ear piercings than this pillow is for you.

Two Options available:

– Regular Version – Recommended for most users. The regular version has a cotton encasement and custom slip.  Just like your normal pillow with the comfort of polyfill and memory foam inner for support.

– Sterri Plus Version – Fully waterproof and easy to clean and wipe down. Suitable for hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health care providers or recommended for multiple users.

Includes Fitted Poly/Cotton Pillow Slip

Our Ear Hole pillow includes a specially fitted, easily removable full slip designed to ensure less to no contact is made with your ear while you sleep. The inner fill is made of soft polyester fibre so if the ear does get into contact with the pillow there is a soft feel. Rubbing of material pillow slips can be just as irritating and painful as full exposure to a pillow so this is an absolute necessity when using an ear hole pillow. The hole is around 12 cm in diameter making it suitable for all sizes. The hole is also off-centre to ensure neck support for both short and long necks.

The Design of the Ear Hole Pillow is specifically made for CNH and ear-related pain or surgery. Not only does it relieve ear pressure but gives your neck support to ensure correct spine alignment thus preventing stress on the neck and shoulders. The inner fill is soft polyester fibre around the ear to ensure softness even if the ear does touch a part of the pillow. Also, the polyfill can be removed to lower the height of the pillow if required.

Great for people who suffer from:

  • Ear pain
  • Pressure sore
  • Ear Surgery
  • CNH

The pillow is adjustable with removable polyfill. The unique memory foam support located along both sides of the pillow ensures that good support is maintained for the neck and shoulders while the primary function of protecting the ear is maintained.

For those that suffer ear pain, this is the pillow for you and particularly useful for the most painful ear condition of CNH.

CNH – Chonodrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis (also known as Winklers Disease) is a type of pressure sore. It is extremely painful and will prevent you from side sleeping on your pillow. The elderly and habitual side sleepers are those that are most at risk.

CNH will come about through ear coming into contact with a pillow during the night causing the skin to become irritable and painful. The Earhole pillow is designed to provide relief to those that suffer the CNH condition.

Ear Piercing Pillow – Ear Piercing Relief – Ear Piercing Infection

If you are suffering from an infection or discomfort from ear piercing pain or ear cartilage damage, then the holey pillow should be a very good product for providing you with the relief that you require. You will be able to continue to sleep on your side and get relief from your ear piercing through the holey pillow which operates as an ear-piercing pillow.

Made right here in Australia by our family-owned and operated Australian business.

Handmade and produced in our Melbourne production facility you can be assured our CNH ear pressure pillow is made to the highest standards and we are sure it will meet your expectations.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 38 × 12 cm
Ear Hole Pillow

100% Cotton Case, Steri-plus (Waterproof)


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