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TENS Machine Facts

What is a TENS machine?

TENS machine, short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a device which is regularly used by health professionals to help treat and manage pain. Electrode pads are applied to the skin in the area of pain which transmits a low-voltage electrical signal to the area. When the device is being used, the feeling you should expect as the electrical signal is being trasmitted to the area of pain can be described as somewhat of an ‘electrical massage’. The electrical signals create a tingling, numbing or warming feeling which htens-machineelps to reduce and replace the feeling of pain. Typically, each session on the TENS machine lasts for about 15 minutes and it can be used as often as needed depending on the severity of your pain.

The TENS machines are suitable for home use and are fully portable and battery operated, so they can be taken with you wherever you go. They consist of dual channels for complete control over the intensity of the electrical signal, four electrodes that are placed on the skin that allows for even distribution over the area as well as an inbuilt timer.

TENS machines are suitable for everybody and all levels of pain sufferers and there are many benefits to choosing a TENS to assist in your pain management. These include:

  • Effective pain relief without the need for drugs
  • Fully portable and small in size so it can be used anywhere
  • Treatment duration and intensity is fully managed by you
  • TENS are not addictive and do not have any negative side effects

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  1. I have been using Tens Machine for a long time and I am 100% sure I would not be able to manage without one. Most of the time (90%) they are adequate to manage my pain without any medication.

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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