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Pregnancy Pillows- What is right for me?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but it is important that you are supported during this delicate time. Which is why we are here to help you with our range of pregnancy pillows and supports.

We offer a huge range of supports for mum’s to be and also for mum’s once they have had the baby. All our pillows are Australian made and owned so you are getting top notch quality. These are perfect for mum’s shopping for themselves or as a gifts for friends, partners and family that are looking to give a perfect gift.

We have pillows for mum’s and bubs.

For example whilst women are pregnant we recommend these pillows:

  • Pregnancy Pillow– We recommend this pillow for women that are looking for some extra support whilst they are sleeping. The curvature that our pillow has is supportive and cradles the bump, acting as a wedge.
  • Tummy Snuggler– This incredible pillow is perfect for supporting mum’s-to-be during the night. With it’s simple design it offers support to your bump and also provides stability for the body when sleeping on your side. It also helps to cradle the back so the midsection of the body is catered to.


Pregnancy pillows are great and also highly versatile.

Not only can these be used during the pregnancy they are also ideal once babies are born. Some pillows that we can recommend include:

  • The Cuddle Up Pillow– Great for sleeping whilst pregnant, but this nifty pillow also double as a support tool for when mum’s are trying to breast feed their babies. They can also use this to cradle babies in for extra comfort.
  • Banana Pillow– Looking for a simple and versatile product? The banana pillow has you covered. Soft and transportable this pillow can be used during pregnancy to support the back, stomach or even used between the legs. However, this can definitely be used post-natal, as a tool during feeding or for sitting up the baby.

In need of more help with out pillows? Feel free to call our staff on (02) 9588 7000 today.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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