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Cool pillow: can’t find the cool side of your pillow?

A cool pillow is a must if you are one of the many people who suffer from overheating at night whilst trying to sleep. It seems to be one of the most common problems when determining why people suffer from restless sleep. At some point or another we have all experienced that feeling of being way too hot, and even sweaty which has caused us to lose sleep, & for some, it seems to be a nightly occurrence.

Cool Pillow made from gel
Cool Pillow made from gel

You might find yourself flipping the pillow over, constantly in search of the cool side of the pillow. However this will only offer temporary relief and it will soon heat back up again. The reason pillows heat up so fast is due to the material they are made from and the structure of the pillow. The more dense the material of the pillow, the more it will hold onto the heat and continue to increase in temperature.

Additionally if a pillows structure doesn’t promote airflow and keeps air trapped it will also readily hold heat. However, there is a solution. Now on the market there are cool pillows which promote a better dispersion of heat and in doing so allowing your pillow to remain cool and in turn helping to stop you sweating throughout the night.

How is a cool pillow manufactured?

Many pillows marketed for their cooling effect also contain gel to maximise their cooling potential. The gel can either be incorporated into the foam throughout the entire pillow, or as a thin layer spread across the pillows top surface. The gel further promotes the transfer of heat, rather than the absorption. It will also disperse the heat more evenly allowing the temperature to be maintained, rather than progressively increasing throughout the night. Therefore when looking for a pillow that will keep you cool at night it is important to consider  both the material it is made from and its structure.

So if you our someone you know is suffering from overheating at night, it is time to consider getting a cooling pillow.

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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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