Benefits of a Kettlebell with Included Exercises

A Kettlebell is a great tool to use to help heighten and intensify any workout routine. It is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle and are an excellent way to build and tone muscles, burn fat, helps develop strength and power whilst maintaining a functional quality, as if you were using your muscles in daily activities. When done correctly, the movements you make will improve your body’s control and give you functional and sustainable results to help strengthen and tone your body.

Which Kettlebell Weight is Best to Start With?

Kettlebells are designed to create a natural progression when it comes to training, and with certain kettlebell exercises, it’s necessary to start with a weight that matches your experience level. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with the 3kg kettlebell and work your way up to heavier weights as you progress and grow your workout routine. As kettlebells are handled so much differently than a dumbbell, it’s important to choose the correct size as to not harm your body.

If you decide to jump to the more advanced kettlebell exercises without building up your fundamental skills first, then your technique will suffer and there is a high chance of injury

If you’re more advanced and have had experience with Kettlebells in past, you can move up an incriminate from the level you last worked with or you can choose to start at 6kg for an intermediate workout, 8kgs for more intense intermediate workouts and up to 12kgs and 18kgs for more advanced workout enthusiasts.

Workout Exercises (with Videos)

A workout routine involving a Kettlebell won’t need much except for a bit of free space for you to comfortably move around in a body sized radius. There are many different kettlebells exercises you can perform from home with a range varying from beginner to more challenging exercise routines.

From beginners to more advanced, we’ve found a couple different workout videos to show the different exercises and routines you can do with a Kettlebell:

For more Kettlebell exercises, follow through this link here.

Kettlebell Workout

Important Notes When Using a Kettlebell

  • For nearly every kettlebell exercise you do, make sure to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground with your weight on your heels. This will make sure that your body is forming a strong foundation to lift and move the kettlebell properly.
  • Never lift a kettlebell directly over your head. It’s much easier to lose your grip and accidentally drop the weight on yourself.
  • Protect your lower back when using a kettlebell. Whether you’re picking it up off the ground or swinging it in the air, don’t slouch your shoulders and your lower back. Instead, the power of all your movements should be generated from your hips and legs.

We have a range of different sized Kettlebell weights here. If you would like to see more from our rehabilitation range, please click here.

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