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Anti snoring pillow helps kick snoring to the kerb

antisnoring-pillow-sleepAre you spending countless nights awake because your partner is snoring? Do you yourself have an issue with snoring?

Let us help you put all those restless nights behind you by giving you a better understanding of what causes snoring and how the right anti-snoring pillow can help you.

Pretty much everyone will snore occasionally, however for some people it can be a frequent, even nightly occurrence. Some snorers might not realise they are even doing it, whilst others may experience a very restless night. Over time sleepless nights can lead to fatigue and irritability. Studies have shown that snoring can even lead to major relationship problems as it can often result in partners having to sleep in separate bedrooms in order to get a proper night’s rest.

So what actually causes snoring?

In most cases, snoring results due to an obstruction in the nasal passage or weak muscles in the throat which results in a narrowing of the airway. However, not all types of snoring are the same. Some factors that may influence whether a person snores include the following:

  • Weight: If a person is overweight or obese their lack of muscle tone and increased fatty tissue can be responsible for narrowing the breathing space in the throat
  • Age: As we age the throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone decreases
  • Nasal and Sinus issues: Blocked airways will make breathing difficult
  • Sleep posture: Back sleeping encourages the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway

How can an anti-snoring pillow help you?

By changing the position in which you sleep and supporting your head and neck with the right pillow you can encourage a better flow of air through your nasal passage and throat. We encourage side sleeping, rather than back sleeping to promote the most clear breathing passage. A good anti-snoring pillow will be strong enough to support the head, whilst being soft enough to be comfortable. We recommend a contour pillow as these maintain the spine in a neutral alignment and ensure proper posture is restored, which will in turn also promote a clear breathing passage.

What is the best anti-snoring pillow?

Here in our chiropractic clinic, we sell a range of great pillows all of which are beneficial for optimal support and comfort. Our chiropractors particularly recommend the ‘Dentons Anti-Snore Pillow’ to our patients and customers who have recognised snoring as an issue. This pillow has won several awards at the prestigious Geneva Salon of Inventions.

dentons anti snoring pillow


Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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