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TENS 5x5cm Electrodes

TENS Electrode Pads by Fortress 50mm by 50mm


    TENS Electrode Pads - 50 mm x 50 mm (Pack of 4)

    TENS Electrode Pads by Fortress Electrotherapy are compatible with all TENS units.

    The fortress electrode pads are long-lasting self-adhesive electrodes with multi-stick gel. Furthermore, High-Quality carbon film adhesive electrodes can be used for TENS, EMS, and IFC. These premium electrodes are by Fortress Electrotherapy.

    What are the features of these TENS Electrode Pads?

    Fortress High-Quality electrode pads feature durable reuse life, no residue, and strong and even current connection. Excellent quality with value for money. All Fortress electrodes are supplied in a reusable, sealed pack, each pack containing 4 electrodes.

    They are a square shape with rounded edges with a width and length of 50mm x 50mm which is ideal for larger surface area pain relief.

    The premium electrodes are compatible with any of our TENS and EMS range. Please check them out here.


    Additional information

    Weight 0.039 kg
    Dimensions 16 × 12 × 0.2 cm


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