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Side Sleeper

side sleeper


    Side Sleeper - The Knee & Hip Aligning Leg Pillow

    Experience relief from snoring and sciatica with our premier side sleeping support. Crafted from angled foam, this support fits snugly between the thighs, promoting the side sleeping position and maintaining hip alignment for enhanced comfort.

    Ideal for side sleepers, our contour pillow reduces pressure on the spine and lower body, improving spinal alignment for a more restful sleep.

    Crafted from a single piece of premium foam angled at 29°, our support prevents rolling onto the stomach or back, ensuring stable alignment of hips and shoulders while keeping knees apart. By maintaining the spine’s natural curvature and minimizing twisting during sleep, it alleviates painful pressure points and stays securely in place throughout the night.

    Side sleeping not only reduces snoring by keeping airways open but also offers relief from morning back, hip, and knee pain and stiffness. Additionally, it benefits sciatica sufferers by keeping thighs separated and aligned with the hips.

    Our side sleeper support is ergonomically angled to fit snugly between the thighs, ensuring stability and maintaining spinal alignment. Its unique shape prevents rolling onto the stomach or back, promoting side sleeping and discouraging tummy sleeping.

    Invest in the Side Sleeper for a comfortable and restful sleep experience. Say goodbye to snoring, sciatica, and neck pain with our innovative bed support, designed to enhance your sleep quality and overall comfort.

    TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174453 Device: Cushion, body
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Overslip / Pure Cotton / White
    Dimensions 60 x 35 x 20 cm

    Additional information

    Weight 0.5 kg
    Dimensions 60 × 35 × 20 cm


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