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MemoGel Butterfly Neck Support Pillow

MemoGel Butterfly Neck Support Pillow


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    MemoGel Butterfly Neck Support Pillow

    The MemoGel Butterfly Neck Support is a small neck support pillow in memory foam. It has a silica gel layer which is ideal for keeping you cool. This neck support travel pillow is effective in assisting with neck and head support for people who are lying down or standing for extended periods of time. It is the ideal portable pillow for your travel needs with comfort & cooling making it easy to use and carry on trips.

    Similar to many of our memory foam pillows, this neck rest pillow has the same memory gel which tailors to the individual to maximise comfort. This neck support pillow may help in preventing stiff and sore pains in the neck. As chiropractors, we recommend the MemoGel Butterfly Neck Support pillows to avoid the strain placed on the muscles and joints of your neck whilst traveling, as pain generated from these situations is highly common.

    This neck support pillow is perfect for catering to individuals traveling on air, on trains or in the car. Memogel Butterfly Cushion is ideal for both adults and children. Additionally, the neck Memogel style of the neck pillow contains a silica gel pad, which disperses body temperature to assist cooling. This pillow is made with non-toxic materials, allowing parents to avoid concern when children use the pillow.

    The gel pad in the neck cushion may warm up over time to your body temperature. To locate a cool spot within the Memogel Butterfly Neck Cushion a simple re-positioning of the pillow allows for this.

    The neck support is ideal in size as it requires minimal space in luggage and bags. Making it perfect to take with you on journeys. As Chiropractors we understand how important it is to stay supported whilst travelings. That is why we have a range of small, portable pillows specifically for travel that we love to recommend to our patients.

    Neck Support Pillow Benefits:

    • Supportive
    • Light weight
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Small and easily portable


    Instructions For Care:

    The neck rest is contained within a polyester cover, which is soft and lightly textured. This ensures the pillow resists perspiration and can be removed with ease, in order to clean.

    If you are interested in more of our Memogel range have a look here.


    Additional information

    Weight .500 kg
    Dimensions 32 × 19 × 8.5 cm


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