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Cooling Gel Pillow Pad

Cooling Gel Pillow Body Pad


    Cooling Gel Pillow Pad

    Introducing the versatile Cooling Gel Pillow Pad, suitable for placement inside your pillowcase, beneath your bed sheets, and more, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

    This user-friendly Gel Pad serves as an effective solution to cool specific areas of the body where heat relief is needed. It is designed to benefit individuals dealing with hot temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, radiation therapy, or those simply seeking comfort during rest.

    The Heat-Dispensing Cooling Gel Pillow Pad offers respite for various conditions triggering hot flushes and night sweats, such as:

    1. Menopause: Commonly causing hot flushes during sleep.
    2. Hot sleeping environments: Uncomfortable due to high temperatures and humidity.
    3. Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis: Unexplained excessive sweating and heat production.
    4. Sunburn: Retaining heat post-sunburn for healing.
    5. Cancer Treatment: Heat retention from radiation therapy and the body’s self-healing process.
    6. Infections and Fevers: Elevated body temperature while fighting illnesses.
    7. Medications: Side effects like night sweats from certain drugs.
    8. Hypoglycemia: Sweating and hot sleep due to low blood sugar treatments.
    9. Insufficient air conditioning: Essential cooling relief for restful sleep in hot climates without AC.

    The Gel Cooling Pad operates through conduction, transferring heat from the head or body into the gel product, offering a cooling sensation. Note that the pad may gradually warm up based on ambient temperature and the user’s body heat.

    Effortlessly adaptable as a pillow cooling pad, the Theramed Gel Pad can be used at room temperature or refrigerated for an extra chilly effect. If refrigerating, remember to store it inside the provided zippered plastic bag to prevent exposure to moisture.

    Are you in need of other cooling products, such as a mattress topper? Check out our cooling range!

    Additional information

    Weight .7 kg
    Dimensions 42 × 29 × 1 cm

    Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King


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