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Cooling Gel Mattress Pad

Cooling Gel Mattress Pad


Cooling Gel Mattress Pad

The new and improved Cooling Gel Mattress Pad is ideal for those who suffer from overheating. Designed to suit your existing mattress, the gel layer provides optimum body temperature and comfort while you sleep. A simple to use Gel Mattress Pad which can be rolled out onto any existing mattress for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. It will provide excellent support while continuing to give you the comfort of your existing mattress.

The Mattress Pad is designed to help those who suffer from hot sleeping temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, surgical or radiation treatments or simply those that sleep hot.

How Does the Cooling Gel Mattress Pad Work?

The Cooling Gel Mattress Pad uses conduction to transition heat out of the body and into the overlay. The result is that the body will feel cooler as heat is transferred naturally.Dissipation of heat will occur naturally during the night and as the mattress is not powered electrically, it will eventually reach body temperature. However, the cooling effect can begin again as soon as the sleeper moves position slightly. The most significant cooling effect will happen when the sleeper first goes to bed to get into a cool and comfortable sleeping position.

As Chiropractors, we understand how poor sleep and comfort can result in pain, stress and fatigue. Which is why we only select high-quality Australian made products, that we believe will best suit our clients. This is why we recommend the MemoGel Cooling Pad, to support, reduce discomforts such as heat, so that you have a stress and heat free night’s rest.

Who Is The Cooling Gel Mattress Pad Suited To?

  • We suggest this for people who suffer hot flushes through the night.
  • People that suffer from excess sweating at night.
  • Anyone who is looking to experience a cooler night of slumber.

Easy To Use

Simply roll out the Memo Gel cooling pad and it’s ready to use. The overlay will go on top of your exisiting mattress and the non slip backing ensures that the MemoGel cooling pad will never move once on the bed. During colder months the overlay can easily be removed and stored rolled up for use once heat again becomes an issue.  If the item is too cool for the user, the cooling process can be limited or negated entirely by simply applying extra layers of bedding, such as mattress protectors and thicker sheeting, over the top of the MemoGel Pad.

Single Size 185cm x 90cm x 5cm
King Single Size 200cm x 107cm x 5cm
Double Size 185cm x 135cm x 5cm
Queen Size 200cm x 150cm x 5cm
King Size 200cm x 180cm x 5cm
Gel Layer Natural Non Toxic Silica Based Liquid Cooling Gel Layer with Poly Eurethan Backing for non Slip trac

Are you in need of other cooling products, such as a pillow? Check out our cooling range!

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