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Coccyx Tailbone Wedge Cover – SteriPlus (Water Resistant)

Coccyx Tailbone Cushion Seat Wedge SteriPlus


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Coccyx Tailbone Wedge Cover - DuraFab

Prolong your Coccyx Tailbone Wedge with an extra Cover - SteriPlus (Water Resistant)

Revitalize Your Coccyx Wedge Cushion with our Coccyx Tailbone Wedge Cover – SteriPlus (Water Resistant) in SteriPlus or Durafab fabric.

Elevate your seating experience by choosing the ultimate replacement covers for your Coccyx Tailbone Wedge Cover: the luxurious Dura-fab suede or the waterproof durability of Steri-Plus.

Reviving your cushion isn’t just about comfort; it’s about hygiene and extending its lifespan. This choice holds immense significance. Over time, the fabric of your cushion naturally wears down, compromising its ability to provide optimal support and comfort. Never underestimate the impact of a fresh cover – it can be truly transformative. A renewed cover ensures your Coccyx Wedge Cushion maintains peak performance, delivering continuous pain relief and promoting better posture.

Embark on a journey of luxury with our Dura-fab suede option – the epitome of sumptuousness, snugness, and opulence. This premium-grade material is meticulously designed to seamlessly complement your Coccyx Wedge Cushion, upholding the support and comfort you rely on. Exclusively engineered for your cushion, the Dura-fab suede cover offers a flawless fit, simplifying the replacement process.

Explore the multitude of benefits that come with embracing the SteriPlus suede cover for your coccyx wedge cushion:
  1. Supreme Comfort: Immerse yourself in the plush embrace of SteriPlus’ plush texture, perfect for extended periods of sitting.
  2. Effortless Maintenance: The SteriPlus slip is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring your cushion stays immaculate and hygienic.
  3. Tailored Perfection: Our replacement covers showcase meticulous craftsmanship, expertly contoured to seamlessly envelop your Theramed Coccyx Wedge Cushion, preserving its original shape and enhancing its support.

Don’t allow a worn-out cover to undermine the potential of your coccyx cushion. Seize the opportunity to invest in a robust, luxurious, and low-maintenance Dura-fab slip today, enhancing your cushion’s durability and perpetuating the relief and unwavering support it offers. Your choice today guarantees that your seating experience remains unmatched for years to come.

Also available in 2 cover options – Dura-Fab

Dura-Fab: A stylish, soft, and durable woven polyester fabric that’s also washable.

Steri-Plus: Moisture and bacteria-resistant, made from a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 38 × 7 cm
Cover Options

Dura-Fab, Steri-Plus


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Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights