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Neck pain? Have you checked your pillow?

Have you been suffering from poor nights sleep? Or maybe even just waking up with neck pain or general stiffness, or even headaches? Maybe it’s time you consider that your pillow could be leading to these problems.

It’s important to have a good pillow to support you through the night. The features of a good pillow are to maintain the natural alignment of your body between your head and spine. As Chiropractors we have seen the effects that a poor pillow can cause on people’s bodies.

Neck pain: signs you may need a pillow change

It’s recommended that pillows are changed every 3-4 years. This is due to the materials of the pillows breaking down eventually after constant usage. The pillow can be built out of different materials e.g. memory foam, feather or latex and still wear down over years of use. As a result of your pillow breaking down you may begin to feel the effects on your body.

Things to look out for include:

  • The feeling of restlessness or broken sleep
  • Headaches, neck pain or stiffness when waking up from your slumber or through out the night

These signs are a good indication that you might be due to look for at a pillow change. Or even just talk to one of our chiropractors to consider options, as sometimes there could be something more leading to this pains and problems.

Here at Chiroshopping we have a wide range of pillows that can be delivered right to your front door. Our range of Australian Made pillows are very high quality and include memory foam pillows, traditional foam pillow and latex pillows. We also have different supports for different areas of the body if you need a bit of extra support.

Have a look at our store to find the best pillow for you today.

Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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