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Children’s Pillows: All you need to know!

In the earliest years of your child’s life it natural to have a lot of questions about absolute everything. Regardless of the topic in question, you will find you are faced with many contrasting opinions, and this can lead to confusion. We have put together this helpful guide which contains all you need to know about choosing a pillow for your child.

Many new parents think that their newborn should have a blanket and a pillow because that is how they themselves sleep. However it is important to remember your child has never experienced this before and it is completely normal for them to sleep flat on their back without a pillow. For children under 4 months of age, sleeping on a pillow can pose a danger as it increases the risk of them Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

When will my child need to start using a pillow?childrens-pillows-facts

Generally we recommend that children can start using a pillow at 2 years of age. This will often coincide with the move from the cot to a normal bed.  You might notice that your child is a bit restless and not sleeping as well and choose to introduce the pillow at this stage. We advise against giving your child a pillow for 12 months old.

What kind of pillow should my child use?

The pillow you choose for your child should be small and flat. As a sizing guide it should not exceed 12 by 16 inches. Pillows larger than this can become a hazard as they will increase the risk of your child suffocating. You should also choose a firm pillow over a softer pillow. Remember to look at the material the pillow is made out of. We recommend hypo-allergenic foam or polyester as these materials will not cause allergic reactions in your child.

How to introduce my child to a pillow?

The best way to introduce your child to a pillow is by introducing it during nap time. That way you can watch how your child responds to it. If you find your child is moving around a lot or is covering their face then it is best that you remove the pillow and re-introduce it later on. We reccommend waiting several weeks before trying again. Remember there is no rush to introduce your child to a pillow. If you have observed your child sleeping soundly on the pillow during several nap times you can then choose to let them sleep on it at night.




Free shipping on all orders over $100, excluding weights (Australia Only)
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