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Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow

Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow


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    Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow

    The Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow utilizes cutting-edge technology, introducing a hybrid foam known as Hygrofoam, which seamlessly amalgamates the finest attributes of Traditional Foam and Memory Foam. This innovation delivers an exquisite blend of premium comfort akin to Memory Foam and the unparalleled support characteristic of traditional foam.

    Specifically designed to encourage side sleeping, the Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow is versatile enough to cater to back sleepers as well. At its core, this pillow features a 1.5cm removable insert, providing flexibility to accommodate different sleeping preferences. Whether you possess a broader build and predominantly favour side sleeping or have a smaller frame, this pillow can be easily tailored to your needs.

    Recent research conducted by RMIT University delved into the effectiveness of Hygroflex foam in pressure redistribution compared to standard memory foam. The study focused on Hygroflex’s potential in mitigating pressure sore development, employing rigorous tests to evaluate its performance against various foam types. The parameters examined included the duration of pressure, immersion, pressure gradient, envelopment, shear, and friction on the foam surface.

    The research outcomes are illuminating:
    • Hygroflex excels in redistributing pressure, surpassing the capabilities of other memory foams in this regard.
    • When it comes to the rapid dissipation of body heat, Hygroflex outperforms its memory foam counterparts.
    • Moving on Hygroflex necessitates less force and generates reduced friction, ensuring a smoother experience.

    In conclusion, the Wellness Contoured Hygroflex Pillow epitomizes innovation, offering a unique blend of comfort and support. Its use of Hygrofoam, validated by RMIT University’s research, underscores its superiority in pressure redistribution and heat dissipation. This pillow promises a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, whether you’re a side sleeper or prefer lying on your back, making it an investment in your well-being.


    Size 39cm deep x 60 cm wide x 13cm &14cm high
    Foam 100% Australian-made HygroFlex Foam
    Country of Manufacturer Australian Made
    Pillow Slip Australian Made Cotton

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    Additional information

    Weight 1.400 kg
    Dimensions 56 × 38 × 13 cm


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