Personal Training

The Personal trainers at Back to Basics Health and Exercise offers a unique one on one personal workout session with an exercise professional in our privately operated exercise facility located in Parramatta. Our personal trainers possess the knowledge and skills to assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program to achieve your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will take you through a range of fitness assessments relevant to the goals you are aspiring to achieve. You will then be introduced to your personal fitness program while having your progress continually monitored from week to week. Our personal trainers pride themselves on your success and will give you all the tools necessary to make positive sustainable lifestyle modifications.

We also offer a Fitness Health Assessment which is used to assess various health and fitness parameters to identify if you are at an increased risk of developing any lifestyle related health problems in the future. Patients are taken through a range of tests including: Cardiovascular, flexibility, identifying postural imbalances, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, blood test to determine blood glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and more. If any major abnormalities are identified by our health professionals they may advise you to make an appointment with you general practitioner for further clinical testing to confirm the results.

How might a Personal Trainer (PT) benefit you?

• Hold you accountable for your actions and provide continuous extrinsic motivation

• Educate you on the importance of a well balance eating plan

• Setting short and long term goal to work towards

• Develop a structured routine (both exercise and lifestyle)

• Implement correct movement patterns and lifting techniques

• Injury prevention and exercise rehabilitation

• Sports specific training

• Maximising workout while minimising time

• Achieve your RESULTS

Back to Basics is a service based organisation and does not require patients to lock themselves in to any contracts or memberships. If you have found yourself feeling intimidated and experienced a lack of exercise direction in a commercial gym then our clinic would be perfectly suited to your needs. Train one on one, with a friend or family member or small group in our privately operated studio. Purchase a single session or 10-pack and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm and schedule a time for your session.

Back to Basics Health and Exercise has a strong belief in rewarding patients that invest in their personal health and physical fitness. Therefore, we are offering any patient that commits to 2 x 1 hour PT sessions or 3 x 30 minute PT session each week will receive unlimited access to our group fitness classes.

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