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Dentons Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy your body under goes many changes and getting a good night sleep is very important. As the new mothers tummy begins to grow it is recommended that she sleeps on her side to relief the pressure and discomfort on her back and spine. Sleeping with the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow supports the mothers growing tummy and takes pressure off her back while sleeping on her side. This pillow is placed under her tummy where the specially contoured shape will gently support the baby, taking strain off the back.

Studies published comparing the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow’s effects on back ache and insomnia in late pregnancy have found that the back ache at night scored with the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow was “very significantly lower than with the standard pillow”.

Buy the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow today and start to enjoy a better night sleep.

All the pillows we sell are new and unopened, so please choose carefully as under Australian Health Regulations we are unable to return pillows.


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